How to Crush it at Member Engagement

You just started your Purple channel. Yay! Now what? Below are some of the best practices for engaging your members that we developed from texting with thousands of subscribers for over 2 years.

Use this as a starting point to brainstorm how you want to run your channel! Also as a way to figure out how to create an intimate, personal experience for your members at scale.

Let’s talk about members for a second…

We call your subscribers members for a reason. They are members of a community that you’re building.

What do members of an exclusive community want? They want to feel special. They want to participate. Participate in discussions, curation of information, and in building that community.

There are simple ways that you can leverage the natural desire your members have participate that:

  1. Increase retention

  2. Help your channel grow

  3. Make it easier for you to run your channel

The Member Engagement Cycle


I’ve developed an approach to my channel that I call the “member engagement cycle”. It’s a super powerful way to increase member engagement, and keep the personal, intimate feel of SMS at scale.

It starts with a prompt. This could be a question that you pose, an article you share that you ask for your member’s thoughts on, or a request for member-curated content.




You push this out and wait for the responses to roll in. You now have tons of material to work with!

Now, what do you do with your member responses?

Option 1: Message each member back one-to-one. Thank them for sharing their thoughts. For the top responses ask if they’d be cool with you sharing what they sent with the rest of your channel. If they say yes, ask their name so you can give them a shoutout.

Option 2: Pick a few (3-5) responses to message back one-to-one rather than responding to every member.

The Push

Boom. Now you have interesting content to push out! Pick a member message or two to share with your entire channel.


response1 response2

A few powerful things are happening here.

  1. Huge dopamine rush for the member who contributed and got a shoutout. You just made this channel super sticky for them.

  2. Variable reward: other members will keep contributing in the future for the chance that their message will be chosen and shared.

  3. Members now know that you actually see what they say, even if you don’t message them all back individually.

👏 bravo, you just created a magic moment for your members without having to do much work!

Natural Evolution

What we’ve seen happen, when you do this regularly, is it builds a specific habit with your members.

Let’s say you cover voice computing. You start building a relationship with your members as their go-to source for voice computing and unprompted, members will start texting you about it. They’ll share relevant content, questions, and thoughts. If you’ve built that habit, you’re golden.