Software Engineer: Frontend

Purple is a web application built with Python and React. Our platform allows a content creator (aka a "Purpler") to send one-to-many text messages as well as engage in one-to-one conversations with their audience using Twilio's API. We make it possible for Purplers to build a membership business around this intimate connection by establishing a monthly fee to subscribe to their Purple channel.

We’re looking for mindful, empathetic, and self-aware engineers to join our team to help us move thinking forward. We have a strong focus on growth and personal development, making Purple an ideal place to develop your skills in an environment that is built on mutual trust and respect.

What you'll be doing:

  • Collaborate with our engineering team to iterate on the design and implementation of our web application.
  • Build and ship product features
  • Find and address performance issues
  • Participate in design and code reviews

What would set you up for success:

  • Strong knowledge of React
  • Commanding grasp of HTML, CSS and other web-related technologies
  • UX/UI design sensibilities

What would set you apart:

  • You have experience with Twilio
  • You are flexible, dedicated and curious
  • You believe in the craft of software engineering, but are pragmatic when necessary
  • You're self-directed and never stop learning
  • You welcome a challenge

About the company:

We believe the future of publishing is all about your relationship with your audience, and those who can create genuine, personal, intimate relationships will succeed. We work with publishers of all size, from small independent individuals just starting out, to large media organizations. Our goal is to help all Purplers communicate with their audience in the most authentic, intimate way.

The company was born out of our endeavor to better inform our peers on current events.