Getting Your First Signups

Now you have your Typeform to share to get those signups and launch that channel. But what do you do once you hit the signup green light?

Here’s what we’ve seen be successful for other Purplers.


Jeff Morris wanted to launch a Purple channel he called Product Club. The idea was to send out his thoughts on the most innovative new tech products each week and spark a discussion with his members. He would then aggregate the best member responses and share those exclusively with other members.

Once Jeff created his Typeform, he tweeted this:


On day 1, Jeff got 75 signups to his channel. Three things he did really successfully here:

  1. He created FOMO with the “I’m keeping the initial group small”

  2. He included a photo which makes the tweet stand out more and increases engagement

  3. He responded to people’s replies to this tweet, answering questions,, etc.


It was December 2017, and a young enthusiastic Kendall Baker decided to start a Purple channel on sports. See, Kendall had recently started a brand new newsletter called Sports Internet, taking his writing super powers that he honed at The Hustle and putting them to work on a topic he was truly passionate about.

The start of 2018 seemed like the perfect time to pull the trigger on taking his relationship with his audience up a notch and engaging with them in the most personal way he could think of: text messaging.

So he sent this out:


Things to point out that we have to applaud here 👏:

  1. He detailed explicitly what you’d be signing up for (i.e. daily texts, M-F, 10pm EST, trivia contests, etc.)

  2. He created FOMO by saying “I’m only accepting 100 people for January”

  3. He put it right at the top of his newsletter in clear, bold text

Key Takeaways Here

  1. Write a Compelling Description of Your Channel.

If you were to tell your friend what you were about to launch and what they would get if they signed up for it, would they be pumped? This is a good exercise to do to help you more clearly explain the value of your channel and get your members pumped!

  1. Generate FOMO

Remember, text messaging by its nature is an intimate, highly personal form of communication. Becoming a member of a Purple channel should feel like you’re joining an exclusive insider-club. This is already helped by the fact that the first 25 signups get their first month free, but think of ways you can enhance that message!

  1. Figure out the Best Platform for You

Maybe you’re super active on Twitter or run an email newsletter. Each Purpler will find varying success announcing their proposed-channel on different platforms, so think about what makes the most sense for you.