Simply put, Purple lets you engage your audience via text message.

You can send one-to-many text messages, easily manage one-to-one conversations (if you want), and charge for this personal, intimate access.

We did this ourselves during the election. Turns out, it’s an incredibly powerful way to communicate with your followers. So we decided to open up our platform to other content creators to do the same.

How do I send text messages?

  1. Login to create.getpurple.io

  2. Write your text in the text box:


  1. Hit send!

Can I send images/videos/gifs?

Images/gifs yes, videos no.

Tap the camera icon to upload an image or gif (it needs to be less than 5MB).


How do people sign up for my texts?

Each Purpler gets a customizable webpage for signups:


What does it look like when I send a text to my members?

Exactly the same as it would if you texted your Mom. So if you type and send this:


Your member will receive this:


How do I respond to my members one-to-one?

All inbound messages from your members will pop up in a private Slack channel that we set up for you.

Inbound messages look like this:


When you click on the link in Slack, it’ll open to Purple’s conversational interface where you can answer the member one-to-one.


How do I know when I get new subscribers?

Slack FTW! You’ll get a Slack alert in your channel each time you get a new member:


How do I make money?

Each Purpler sets their own monthly membership fee (aka the amount it costs to subscribe to their Purple channel). We split all revenue with Purplers 70/30 and cover all of your text messaging costs.

To give you an idea of what that looks like if your membership fee is $5/month:


As you can see, you can make a significant chunk of change each month from doing nothing more than sending text messages to your audience.