Purple lets people who are highly knowledgeable about a topic inform others about it through SMS. Each Purpler charges a monthly membership fee to join their channel. So think of it like an exclusive club where you get the most personal, intimate access to that person.

We’re not talking about a glorified RSS feed blowing up your phone. We’re talking about real, human sources that only text you when there’s something super important you should know. Real people who, in some cases, will actually answer you back one-to-one if you have a question.

And since you’re paying them directly, all they care about is how much value they’re adding to your life. Not how many clicks or eyeballs they can get on their content. In fact, the most valuable part honestly is what you aren't geting. All signal, no noise.

Why We Started Purple

Think about the topics you really care about following. Maybe it’s the Mueller investigation. Maybe it’s college basketball. Maybe it’s keeping up with the most innovative new tech products.

Now think about what you go through to follow this stuff closely.

Your Twitter feed becomes noisy AF. Raise your hand if you’ve spent a significant amount of time building Twitter lists just to make it easier to follow? Yeah, us too, and spoiler alert: it doesn’t make it that much easier.

Email newsletters rock… until you have 26 of them and barely have time to read even two each day.

You get our point. So what we did is build a platform that connects you with the best sources in the most direct way: text messaging.

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If you’re reading and thinking wtf is a Purpler, let us explain 🙂

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